Impact & Benefits

The relationship between the Centre and your company is at the heart of the programme, providing the opportunity for you to directly support the researcher through access to your staff, facilities and time. By providing a suitable and experienced industrial mentor, you will have a hands-on role in ensuring that both the researcher and resultant research are aligned to your long term strategic goals and will play a key part in achieving them.

Our doctoral research students will work effectively within your multidisciplinary teams as they divide their time between their ‘home’ University (either Warwick, Exeter or Cranfield) and your organisation. What they learn from us, your company, and our international partners, will underpin and govern their approach, influencing the direction of your business and positively impacting your long term success.

Information about possible tax benefits can be found on the HMRC website: HRMC website

Areas of Focus

Because we can draw on expertise across three Universities, we can work on almost any area of sustainability in materials and manufacturing. These are just some of our areas of activity, for example: establishing natural or recovered materials as feed-stocks, reducing process inputs and outputs without compromising performance or economic viability, extracting high value materials from waste streams, and ultimately establishing economic and environmental sustainability.

Our capabilities include materials science, electrochemistry, automation systems, additive layer manufacturing, metrology, energy storage and advanced propulsion, bio-chemistry, plant and crop science, bio-energy, product and service design, nanotechnology, supply chains, fluid dynamics, and mineralogy.

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