International Resource Recovery Conference, Columbia University, New York 2017

Posted: 28 September 2017

Research Engineer Lavinia Bianchi is working with Severn Trent Water to recover ammonia from sewage for eventual use in nitrogen fertilisers. She recently visited New York for a conference on resource recovery. Here are her thoughts on the trip.

It was inspiring to participate at the International Resource Recovery Conference, where I had the opportunity to share my research and discuss the future of water utilities. The conference brought together experts from all over the world to talk about innovation and circular economy models in the water sector. The event focused on how we can exploit energy and nutrients from wastewater; my research project, ammonia recovery from sewage sludge, fits perfectly into this strategy. During the conference, I learnt a lot about the latest technologies for nutrients recovery and also the challenges that these innovations face in being taken on an industrial scale. I also had the opportunity to meet many researchers and academics that work on my topic and understand different points of view related to the diverse research contexts.  Lavinia Bianchi